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McCormick & Murphy are honored to be Pueblo personal injury attorneys. Totaling more than 45 years of combined legal experience, McCormick & Murphy, P.C. is one of the premier personal injury law firms serving clients in Pueblo and many other cities across the great state of Colorado. Their primary goal is to always execute effective and respectful representation for their Pueblo clients, and of course to work for fair compensation for personal injury victims.

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How to choose an attorney

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What is a personal injury?

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“I am very happy with my attorney, Jay Murphy, and the law firm of McCormick & Murphy, P. C. In 2009, I was injured in an auto collision involving a road rage incident in Pueblo, CO. The other driver denied everything and lied to the insurance company. His insurance company ignored me and would not recognize my claim. I contacted some other attorneys but they would not represent me. About 18 months after the collision, I hired Mr. Murphy. He and his staff were very helpful and responsive to my calls and questions. They assisted me throughout each step of the claim process. They helped me get all of my medical bills and liens paid. They negotiated a very good settlement on my behalf and kept me informed throughout. I felt very comfortable with them. I am satisfied with McCormick & Murphy law firm and give them the highest recommendation. Whenever someone mentions they need an attorney, I tell them to call my attorney.”

– C.J. 4/16/2012

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Pueblo Colorado History

Pueblo Personal Injury Attorneys imageIt is said that the earliest permanent building in Colorado was erected in Pueblo by Lt. Zebulon Pike while he explored this part of the wild west. Right behind him, Colorado’s earliest pioneer established Fort Pueblo, a trading post on the banks of the Arkansas River, which flows out of the nearby Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Pueblo has changed over time, with steel mills giving way to a Riverwalk and family cafes joined by upscale restaurants. The Pueblo personal injury attorneys of McCormick & Murphy are proud to be part of the Pueblo community and strive to maintain their reputation as the go-to firm for Pueblo citizens who have suffered personal injuries in an accident.

Automobile accidents continue to be the primary cause of personal injuries to our clients. Pueblo is no exception to the epidemic of serious auto accidents that happen on a daily basis. Automobile accident lawyers need to have many resources for their clients, have the capabilities to reconstruct the accident scene, be able to find expert witnesses for automobile accidents, and have the wherewithal to take a case to trial if needed. The Pueblo Automobile Accident Lawyers of McCormick& Murphy have helped hundreds of Colorado residents with their personal injury claims.

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